Sorry//Finding happiness.

I know, I know. I’ve fucked it all up.

I haven’t been regular with this blog at all. And that sucks, because there really were days when I wanted to write about something or the other that was on my mind, but couldn’t. Thus, today, I take a stab at some poetry, with a silent promise to myself that I shall strive to be more regular and punctual with it.

A huge thank you for Ricky Rubio.


I tried looking for happiness

In the kitchen, on YouTube, under my bed

I wandered the streets

Alone, late at night

Roamed the streets

Searched the crevices

Baker’s Brown had truffle brownies

Aunty had rajma-chawal

Nothing seemed expedient


I found happiness

Not in the kitchen, nor YouTube, not even under my bed

I found happiness

Right where I was

Right where I’d always been

All those hours whiled away on the streets

All that money spent

Alas, it was here all along

All I had to do

Was look within

Within myself.



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