Ever feel a little possessive of your city?

I’ve been back home (what home constitutes is entirely another post) for a couple of weeks now. Most of my friends came to stay here a week ago, and it’s been quite a whirlwind ever since.


My two closest friends are in touch (barely, but at least I know they’re alive). I guess they’re immersed in work- I hope they are. I find myself juggling two internships (I’m writing from one right now), but do inform them about my own whereabouts and daily activities. I guess I really am more attached to them than they are.

I’ve grown closer to a couple of people since last week. It’s no accident; we spent about 72 hours continuously, sans sleep- stuff like that gets you knitted closer to people. We shared our deepest secrets and thoughts, and made merry like there’s no tomorrow. They later came over to my home for lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed traditional food (prawns, yay!). It was a fun period, and I hope to stay in touch with them over these couple of months.

My internships have been going well. I got my first byline, and am constantly searching for more. Another one should be published tomorrow. I used to hear about my seniors get 30-odd bylines in two months- I hope reach that number.

Returning to the main point, my class mates have constantly been taking over the city. They keep putting annoying statuses/pictures saying “view for the next six weeks”. Bitch, this is my home- this humidity, these locals, these people, these monuments, this vada pav- EVERYTHING IS MINE. Stop laying allegiance over everything, stop imbibing the city’s spirit. Go back to your city with underground bogies and planned lanes and hawker-free zones.

Wait, but isn’t that the whole beauty of my city? That it is so welcoming, that these immigrants (the irony is not lost on me) can make themselves feel at home?

I need to relax, man. As a friend would say,



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