What next?

I’m sitting in my hall, a little emotional. As the clock strikes two, I wonder how come these past days, nay years, have just flown by. It’s already been five days since I moved back, and every bit of myself wants to go back to Viman and hang out with J, K, and S. I […]

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Time to change.

U’s movie had a very, very profound effect on me. I’m sitting here in the washroom all alone, the leaky faucet matching my tears drop for drop. It’s been a horrible month, all things considered. I know I throw that around a fair bit, but this past month really fucking has been. I’ve come to […]

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Does it really get better?

Someone, a long while ago sent me this, when I told them I was going through a tough time, because it helped them get through a tough time. Goddamit H, I fucking hope you’re right. Because “don’t worry about it too much” isn’t really working.

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it’s quiet in here. Peaceful, even, if not for the roars in my head. the tick of a clock, the hum of a radio, the occasional exchanged glance. the absence of words, the presence of silence, grows more unsettling by the second. that silence is deafening. it could be quiet to you, but not for […]

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I’m sorry I’ve hurt you.

In the past month, I haven’t caught a break. Day after day, I’ve bled friends. Even worse, I’ve lost a lot of respect, for actions I’m not sure I should’ve been penalised for. It fucking sucks. I’m still here, though. Same person, same attitude, same flesh. It’s really saddening to look around class and feeling […]

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Goodbye, 2017.

It’s been a hell of a ride. If I thought 2016 ended on a brilliant note, 2017 has seemed like the complete opposite. Battling my demons has never been more difficult, to the point where I don’t even try and hide it anymore. If you’re reading this and have earnestly asked me how I’m feeling […]

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Been a while.

Well, it quite frankly has. Since my last post, I have gotten back together with N- thank heavens for that. She’s always been my pillar, and has never once rolled her eyes at my mood swings or my preposterously perennial plans to go to McDonald’s for our dates- a huge, huge change from A. Funnily […]

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Mental bleach

Funnily enough, I wonder how we reached here. I used to be able to tell you everything. We’re both apart today, without any means to contact each other. I found out you’ve gone back home, that through WordPress comments (that’s a new one). I guess this is how it’s going to be- that’s how you want it […]

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