Decisions made in haste

Some day, I will make decisions calmly. I’ll make them objectively, and they shall be good for me I’ll keep in mind myself and my future I’ll be level-headed, and I’ll trust my instincts (oh my instincts, that’s for another day) But for now, I shall be obscure and opaque I’ll run away from them […]

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Good problems to have.

Whew, what a weird month. From deciding that I’m going to pursue further studies to getting job offers without even applying for them to rejecting them and sitting with nothing, it’s truly been a wacky month for me. I don’t really know what’s next, and it’s a little unsettling to realise that I had the privilege of […]

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Adios, 2016.

Wow, another year has passed. I don’t know how or when it passed. No, fuck that, I do. I felt each and every moment of this year pass away. Most of them were spent in front of screens or various kinds. Most others, in front of glass bottles. The remaining few were filled with tears. […]

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Oh, hello there.

I’ve done this a million times before. I’ve started a blog, and I’ve seen it go to shit. I’ve been through this whole ordeal before. Then why start a new one? Mainly because I feel the urge to write sometimes. Yesterday was one such day. A day where I could feel words colluding in my head, […]

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