Mental bleach

Funnily enough, I wonder how we reached here. I used to be able to tell you everything. We’re both apart today, without any means to contact each other. I found out you’ve gone back home, that through WordPress comments (that’s a new one). I guess this is how it’s going to be- that’s how you want it […]

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Dear beloved.

For the past six months You have been the light that lit my cigarette, The rock on which I stubbed my toe, The pump that I used to fill my lungs With just that much life That revived a huffing asthmatic. For the past six months We have been through joy Through pain, through adulation […]

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Adios, 2016.

Wow, another year has passed. I don’t know how or when it passed. No, fuck that, I do. I felt each and every moment of this year pass away. Most of them were spent in front of screens or various kinds. Most others, in front of glass bottles. The remaining few were filled with tears. […]

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New beginnings.

I read a lot of my NaNoWriMo2016 posts again, and bah gawd, wasn’t I miserable in some of them. Well, I’ve finally some good news. I recently started talking to someone, and it’s been going quite well ever since. We’ve known of each other before, but never really started talking, until I just decided to one […]

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(I’m kind of failing at this. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I called her last night. Yeah, it most certainly does, doesn’t it?)   Once they lay Like two anglets of a shoelace, they were together There must be a moment A moment enshrined forever That caused the lace to […]

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Packing up.

  Whilst I was packing yesterday, a range of emotions hit me. I opened my suitcase. I started stuffing all my clothes into it, folding them one by one. Separate bags for home clothes and formalwear, so that the latter don’t get too fucked up. Mom will shout. I put one, and then another, and then […]

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Love like this.

I’m writing way too much about love. But you dumbfuck, that’s why you started this blog. It all came back to me yesterday. It all came rushing like the Niagara Falls. In a few minutes of conversation with a friend, I realised how big of a fuck up I was- how pathetically things had turned […]

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Thirty-six hours since I had the cast on Since I foot a problem that I never really did want It hurt at the start Gradually, got used to it Causes a little discomfort now, nothing more Itches a bit every now and then Feel like breaking it open every fifth minute Doesn’t take a genius […]

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“Three weeks”, scribbled the doctor in an indecipherable script “Maybe more, if you don’t take care of yourself!” “See son, it’s not only your leg, but the rest of you That needs to be taken care of Eat well, but only on your bed!” As always, I never followed advice Be it my mother’s, or […]

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Tonight I’m getting over you.

I hate that song so fucking much. It’s got to be done. I mean, there isn’t any point in being in something that’s so one-sided anyway. Throughout everything, throughout all the time, retrospectively I realise that I was giving shit tons more than I was receiving. Am I complaining? No. Do I regret it? Maybe […]

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