All I want for my birthday is…

Birthdays have always been very special for me. I don’t know why some people don’t like it- for me, it’s an opportunity to grow older; to inch closer to using my real ID card to gain entry into clubs. Birthdays also give you a very convenient excuse to act pricey and eat cake. I’ll admit, […]

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When does it get better?

It’s been shit. Frankly, it’s all been shit. I wish I had a closet, in which I could just hide and travel to Narnia, and be there, where nobody knows me. Nobody knows the baggage, the history, the troubles. I’m just a nobody. And for the first fucking time in my life, I’d rather be […]

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Unwelcome in your own home

For me, home has never been a place. It has been a feeling, a thought. More often than not, it structures itself into a mould of brick and mortar, and a house becomes a home.  *** Anyone that has ever been close to me knows that my relationship with my parents has been transactional at […]

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This post is not a serious one. It’s a proper musing, not a rant (to be honest, I chose “musings” in the title because of the alliteration it has with mohantee). I hope I have more of these in the near future. I have a bunch of friends who can make art. I can’t make […]

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