Good problems to have.

Whew, what a weird month. From deciding that I’m going to pursue further studies to getting job offers without even applying for them to rejecting them and sitting with nothing, it’s truly been a wacky month for me. I don’t really know what’s next, and it’s a little unsettling to realise that I had the privilege of […]

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I’m sorry I’ve hurt you.

In the past month, I haven’t caught a break. Day after day, I’ve bled friends. Even worse, I’ve lost a lot of respect, for actions I’m not sure I should’ve been penalised for. It fucking sucks. I’m still here, though. Same person, same attitude, same flesh. It’s really saddening to look around class and feeling […]

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Goodbye, 2017.

It’s been a hell of a ride. If I thought 2016 ended on a brilliant note, 2017 has seemed like the complete opposite. Battling my demons has never been more difficult, to the point where I don’t even try and hide it anymore. If you’re reading this and have earnestly asked me how I’m feeling […]

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Been a while.

Well, it quite frankly has. Since my last post, I have gotten back together with N- thank heavens for that. She’s always been my pillar, and has never once rolled her eyes at my mood swings or my preposterously perennial plans to go to McDonald’s for our dates- a huge, huge change from A. Funnily […]

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#birthdayweek: Malevolent moustache.

My birthday’s in seven days. That’s right, seven fucking days more, and I’m no longer a teenager. This is a series wherein I write seven embarrassing things I can proudly say that I’ve done whilst “living da lyf”. Over the past two weeks, I’ve made one irrevocable decision: that I won’t shave my moustache. My […]

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What is even life? What is the point  Of the multitude of troubles Of the many problems We face each day Of the brunt of the expectations Thrust upon our poor souls each day Each hour, each minute “Do this, achieve that What good are you, if not for the rat race That everyone invariably […]

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Packing up.

  Whilst I was packing yesterday, a range of emotions hit me. I opened my suitcase. I started stuffing all my clothes into it, folding them one by one. Separate bags for home clothes and formalwear, so that the latter don’t get too fucked up. Mom will shout. I put one, and then another, and then […]

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Internship woos.

Our college is fascinating, to say the least. It’s considered the country’s best for the field. We’re afforded six semesters full of hell, and following each one, an opportunity to do an internship (except the last semester, because then you’d hopefully have passed out and be in a job). I missed my first internship due […]

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