What next?

I’m sitting in my hall, a little emotional. As the clock strikes two, I wonder how come these past days, nay years, have just flown by. It’s already been five days since I moved back, and every bit of myself wants to go back to Viman and hang out with J, K, and S. I […]

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Been a while.

Well, it quite frankly has. Since my last post, I have gotten back together with N- thank heavens for that. She’s always been my pillar, and has never once rolled her eyes at my mood swings or my preposterously perennial plans to go to McDonald’s for our dates- a huge, huge change from A. Funnily […]

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Sorry//Finding happiness.

I know, I know. I’ve fucked it all up. I haven’t been regular with this blog at all. And that sucks, because there really were days when I wanted to write about something or the other that was on my mind, but couldn’t. Thus, today, I take a stab at some poetry, with a silent promise […]

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Empty nest syndrome.

I live in an apartment, bereft of any supervision, with my two closest friends, and a third one whom none of us like, but just happens to be there. It’s a 2BHK, so there’re two in every room. My roommate has been dating this amazing girl for just over a year. The other one broke up […]

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