All I want for my birthday is…

Birthdays have always been very special for me. I don’t know why some people don’t like it- for me, it’s an opportunity to grow older; to inch closer to using my real ID card to gain entry into clubs. Birthdays also give you a very convenient excuse to act pricey and eat cake. I’ll admit, […]

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When does it get better?

It’s been shit. Frankly, it’s all been shit. I wish I had a closet, in which I could just hide and travel to Narnia, and be there, where nobody knows me. Nobody knows the baggage, the history, the troubles. I’m just a nobody. And for the first fucking time in my life, I’d rather be […]

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Dear beloved.

For the past six months You have been the light that lit my cigarette, The rock on which I stubbed my toe, The pump that I used to fill my lungs With just that much life That revived a huffing asthmatic. For the past six months We have been through joy Through pain, through adulation […]

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Unwelcome in your own home

For me, home has never been a place. It has been a feeling, a thought. More often than not, it structures itself into a mould of brick and mortar, and a house becomes a home.  *** Anyone that has ever been close to me knows that my relationship with my parents has been transactional at […]

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What is even life? What is the point  Of the multitude of troubles Of the many problems We face each day Of the brunt of the expectations Thrust upon our poor souls each day Each hour, each minute “Do this, achieve that What good are you, if not for the rat race That everyone invariably […]

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Friend #1

So, I’m finally kicking off my long-overdue series on friends that mean a lot to me. After a rather patronising listicle last year, this year, I decided to write a post for each of them. Tanaya Jagtiani, probably 55. Tanaya and I met each other through my ex. It’s funny how we didn’t know of […]

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Sorry//Finding happiness.

I know, I know. I’ve fucked it all up. I haven’t been regular with this blog at all. And that sucks, because there really were days when I wanted to write about something or the other that was on my mind, but couldn’t. Thus, today, I take a stab at some poetry, with a silent promise […]

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