Friend #1

So, I’m finally kicking off my long-overdue series on friends that mean a lot to me. After a rather patronising listicle last year, this year, I decided to write a post for each of them. Tanaya Jagtiani, probably 55. Tanaya and I met each other through my ex. It’s funny how we didn’t know of […]

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Sorry//Finding happiness.

I know, I know. I’ve fucked it all up. I haven’t been regular with this blog at all. And that sucks, because there really were days when I wanted to write about something or the other that was on my mind, but couldn’t. Thus, today, I take a stab at some poetry, with a silent promise […]

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Adios, 2016.

Wow, another year has passed. I don’t know how or when it passed. No, fuck that, I do. I felt each and every moment of this year pass away. Most of them were spent in front of screens or various kinds. Most others, in front of glass bottles. The remaining few were filled with tears. […]

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New beginnings.

I read a lot of my NaNoWriMo2016 posts again, and bah gawd, wasn’t I miserable in some of them. Well, I’ve finally some good news. I recently started talking to someone, and it’s been going quite well ever since. We’ve known of each other before, but never really started talking, until I just decided to one […]

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With this much-fabled affair finally coming to a close, I can call this novella quits without much guilt. It’s been a fun and healing ride, and one that I hope I can undertake, and hopefully surpass, next year. I’m done. Not only with this challenge, but with the whole process of healing and getting over. […]

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Our first date was perhaps one of the best evenings I’ve ever experienced, next to finding out that I made it alive out of Singapore, and the evening where Naomi and I met for the first time after four months of long-distance. We had it on a Saturday, exactly a week after we started dating. […]

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(I’m supposed to be halfway through this by now. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.) I was in the train yesterday. My destination was quite a bit away, so I decided to take a nap. Before I knew it, I was in tears, only brought to light by the fact that I could feel the tears on […]

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